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Hating Gwyneth

Oh my beloved and yet neglected community.

Posted by snacktastic on 2006.02.13 at 13:55

I hate Gwyneth Paltrow. In fact, I find her too boring and pretentious to feel good about hating her since it seems like someone who is not worth hating. Yet, I hate her all the same. In my livejournal, I have many specific diatribes about her and if you'd like to know more specifics, I can tell you exactly why I find her detestable. However, I shall focus on the latest annoying news.

The mother-of-one told Britain's Star magazine: "Brits are far more intelligent and civilised than Americans. I love the fact that you can hail a taxi and just pick up your pram and put in the back of the cab without having to collape it. I love the parks and places I go for dinner and my friends. It's a pretty city, you know"

While I will not focus on some ra-ra Americans are great thing here, b/c I am not that kind of person, it annoys me that Gwyneth, who even with her unbelievably privileged life barely graduated from high school and has never had to earn anything on her own, is once again preaching about relative intelligence. Now, I am not so classist to pretend that education=intelligence, but I am saying that she is a poseur and I hate her.

Now, who do you hate? And does it bug you when she pretends to be British, like Madonna?

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